Williamsville, NY Divorce Mediation Attorney

In life, the focus is on families and preserving family life. When it no longer becomes possible to preserve a family, then the divorce should be something that establishes a healthy upbringing for the children. At Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP, we have been involved in a variety of divorce meditation processes that have led to peaceful lives for both parties, and a healthy upbringing for the children.

Williamsville Divorce Mediation Attorney

Keeping Both Parties Active In The Mediation Negotiations

One of the primary tasks of a mediation attorney is to make sure that both parties stay involved in the negotiations to make certain that the final agreement is fair. When one party decides to no longer stay involved in negotiations, then our skilled divorce mediator will step in and make sure that the process gets the chance to take its full course.

Investigating All Options

A divorce is a legal negotiation where both sides are determined to get the outcome they desire. Obviously, it is impossible to give everybody what they want, but there are options that can be explored to help create a more amicable situation. Our divorce mediation attorneys can sit down with both parties and lay out all of their options, and then help each party to understand their best course of action.

Clean And Simple 

A divorce held in open court can be a messy proposition where both parties may hear information made public that they wanted to keep under wraps. When you utilize one of our mediation attorneys, you don't have to worry about getting embarrassed in open court. Our process takes place in the privacy of an office, which allows both parties to discuss the situation in a candid way that gets results.

Instead of going through an ugly divorce, we recommend that you give our divorce mediation attorneys a try first. We will sit down with both parties and try to help create a mutual understanding that will act as the foundation for an amicable agreement. A long and drawn-out divorce in court becomes expensive and potentially damaging. With a divorce mediator, you can take care of your private business without having to make anything public.

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