Tonawanda, NY Divorce Mediation

Divorce. It's one of the most challenging times a person can face. It's highly emotional, with a lot on the line - you're worried about your kids, your finances, your home, and other assets and debts. It doesn't help that it's difficult to think clearly when you're dealing with someone you have an emotional history with. It's also expensive, involving attorneys and court fees. However, hiring a divorce mediation attorney can be the difference between a painful trial and a simpler resolution.

What is a Mediation Attorney?

Tonawanda, NY Divorce Mediation

A divorce mediator, or mediation attorney, is a neutral third party that will sit down with both people involved in the divorce and try to reach a resolution without going to trial. The role originated with attorneys looking for ways to improve the divorce process and create agreements that help both parties involved. The process involves in-depth discussion, laying out details about personal finances, goals, and resources to ultimately reach an agreement that both sides can accept. Think of the mediator as your guide - with years of experience, they will work with you to resolve any divorce-related issues. 

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

One of the main reasons many people choose a divorce mediation lawyer is because it is a far more cost effective and less time consuming process. Traditional court divorces require expensive retainer fees for attorneys and court fees as well. Additionally, it's also private - regardless of how the relationship ended, you don't have to worry about dirty laundry being strung up through the courtroom.

During the process, your mediator will bring transparency and accountability to your situation. They will require affidavits that disclose each party's financial status, including their assets, liabilities, and income. This ensures that both you and your spouse have a full view of what the financial reality of divorce will look like. Couples that pursue mediation often find they have a healthier parenting relationship, as both sides feel heard and they're not at the whim of a judge.

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For a simpler, less expensive resolution, you should consider divorce mediation. To see if our mediators are the right ones for you, please contact our mediation attorneys for a free consultation today, and we'll help you separate the peaceful way.


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