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Buffalo, NY Law FirmDuring the past 37 years, there have been many changes throughout the world, ranging from technological advances to political and cultural shifts. However, at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP, we make sure that the core principles that the firm was founded upon never change. Each of our attorneys has always made certain that the law firm’s dedication to clients, our reputation as the go-to lawyers for people across Western New York, zealous client advocacy and compassion for each client and their needs remains the same, no matter what.

Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP lawyers bring experience, knowledge and insight for whatever your legal needs might be — whether you’ve been injured by a defective product or negligent driver, whether you’re about to go through a divorce or separation, or whether you’ve been denied Social Security benefits. We’re here to bring you peace of mind in a difficult time.

Professional, responsive service across all practice areas

Known for providing trusted counsel in many different areas of the law, Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP is a full-service law firm with seven primary practice groups. We’re here to help you overcome hurdles — and provide the creative thinking and practical solutions to guide you to resolution.

Our practice areas include:

Family Law Firm

Divorce and other family-related legal issues are always challenging, but it helps to have respected family law attorneys supporting you. Whether it is litigation (taking your case to court), mediation or collaborative law, we are ready and willing to help you using the method most appropriate for your case. Turn to us for assistance on such issues as property and debt division, spousal maintenance, child custody/access and child support.

Social Security Disability

If an injury or medical condition is keeping you from working, you may be able to seek Social Security Disability benefits. Applications for Social Security Disability benefits are often unjustly denied. Applicants have the right to challenge these denials at a hearing. Our Social Security lawyers know this process well and can help you secure the support you need through this important social safety net.

Personal injury Law Firm

Whether you or your loved one has been injured during an auto accident, on someone else’s property, from a defective product or through medical or nursing home negligence, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. Our goal is obtaining fair and just compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

Criminal defense law firm

Our firm is tireless in our defense of individuals facing criminal charges. We represent those charged with both misdemeanors and felonies, including homicide, DWI/DUI, assault, possession of illegal drugs and other crimes as well as traffic offenses.

Real estate and real property

Buying or selling of property can be more complex than it may seem, and you likely will need an experienced attorney to protect your best interests. We assist with real estate transactions for both residential and commercial properties.

Wills, trusts and estates

We help you develop documents that will not be contested in court upon your passing. This ensures that your property and assets go to the individuals stipulated in your will, that your estate avoids costly taxes and your wishes are upheld after your passing.

Corporate and Business Law Firm

Whether you are starting a business or need guidance on the day-to-day legal needs of your company, you can turn to the lawyers at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP. We work with small and medium-sized businesses across the region.


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