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If you have been injured in a bicycle accident call us right away. You should speak with a bike accident lawyer who understands your situation. Mr. Pusatier is a Past President of the Buffalo Bicycle Club and active in the bicycle community for over 30 years. We know bicycling and bicycling law. If you have been injured on your bicycle call us immediately.

Accidents With Motor Vehicles

We often hear the vehicle operator say he didn’t see the cyclist. Many accidents may be avoided by increasing the cyclist’s visibility.  Bright color jerseys and jackets decrease the risk of being struck by a car. There are numerous for lights for bicycles that can be purchased inexpensively. The lights easily affix to the frame of a bicycle and dramatically increase the visibility of the cyclist.

One of the biggest risks today for cyclists is the distracted driver. With all the distractions in vehicles from GPS systems, cell phones, DVD players, etc., it has created a hazard for road cyclists. Any way you can increase your visibility will reduce the chance of you becoming a victim of a bicycle accident.

Dog Encounters

Our bicyle accident attorneys have represented cyclists who have been knocked off their bicycles by dogs and severely injured. Even in rural areas where there are no leash laws a cyclist may still have a valid claim against the dog owner if the dog has been habitually chasing automobiles and cyclists.  The owner of a dog who has a vicious propensity to chase bicycles has a duty to restrain that dog so a cyclist is not injured. If you or someone you know has been injured on their bicycle as a result of a dog, please contact us we will try to help you.

Defective Frames And Other Parts

This firm also represents cyclists who may be injured because a defective wheel, tire or frame causes a fall. Product failure of bicycles is uncommon but not unheard of. Nowadays with the modern lightweight materials used in frames and component parts a defect in production can result in a catastrophic crash. This can be anything from a fractured frame, a broken wheel or even a broken seat post. If this happens to you or anyone you know, the bicycle must be preserved with the broken parts. Do not remove the broken part until you speak to your bicyle accident attorney.

NY Vehicle & Traffic Laws - What Your Bicycle Accident Attorney Will Tell You

The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law specifically grants to cyclists all of the same rights available to a driver of a vehicle.  This includes the right to be on the road.  The law also requires cyclists to follow the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws. Whether you were complying with the law at the time of the accident will affect the right to recover for the injuries.

The Vehicle and Traffic Law the State of New York requires that all bicycles be operated in a bicycle lane if available, or near the right-hand curb or edge of the road, or upon a usable right-hand shoulder. Riding facing traffic is never advisable and is a violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Bicyclists are never permitted to ride more than two abreast on a public road.  When being overtaken by a vehicle cyclists must ride single file.

The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires every bicycle when being ridden one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise be equipped with a white light on the front and a red light on the rear. The law also requires every bicycle be equipped with a bell or other device capable of giving an audible signal. Hand and arm turn signals are also required.

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