Niagara Falls, NY Social Security Disability Attorney

Have you or a loved one been denied Social Security Disability Income benefits? Are you experiencing difficulty with your SSD application or re-filing? Do you need a strong, effective Social Security Disability attorney to fight for your rights?

Here at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott & Sugarman, LLP, our team of experienced, compassionate attorneys know how difficult dealing with complex government regulations, forms, and claim rejections can be. After all, you've already been burdened with a life-changing medical condition that can make day-to-day activities challenging - the last thing you'll want to do is engage in a lengthy, stressful struggle for your Social Security benefits. Our SSD Attorneys can help make this complicated process simpler, and deliver results faster than attempting to navigate the system on your own would. 

Niagara Falls, Ny Social Security Disability Attorney
Niagara Falls, NY SSD Lawyer

An SSD Lawyer Can Help Prevent Claim Denial

Did you know that a significant percentage of Social Security Disability claims are denied? In fact, 50% of claims filed are rejected, often for simple mistakes such as a small spelling error. If you've had your claim rejected, you're not alone - that's why so many applicants turn to a SSD lawyer for help. An experienced Social Security Disabilty Attorney - like those at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott, and Sugarman - will be able to thoroughly examine your application and idenfity any errors that might hinder the claims process. This means you'll get the benefits you deserve faster.  

When you call us, you'll be assigned an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who will carefully review your case, and provide you with clear, expert legal advice on how you should proceed. Because our SSD lawyers have detailed knowledge of all the relevant laws and regulations regarding SSD applications and appeals, we're able to give you accurate information about your claim.

No Up-Front Fees

Here at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP, we understand that finding the money to hire a SSD lawyer in Niagara Falls can be difficult. After all, Social Security Disability is intended to lift a financial burden during an already difficult time. That's why you won't be charged any up-front fees or retainers when you hire us to help with your Social Security disability case. We work on a contingency basis, which means we'll only be compensated if we win your case.

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If your Social Security Benefits Application isn't being approved, and you want turn to an SSD Lawyer in Niagara Falls, NY, don't delay - call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We're here to help.


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