Grand Island, NY Divorce Mediation

When going through a divorce, you need a mediation attorney office that has the compassion enough to see your pain and the strength to see you though it.

Call Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman, Grand Island's first choice for divorce mediation services.

What is a Divorce Mediator?

Grand Island, NY Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce mediation is a process where married parties who wish to divorce try to come to an agreement, aided by a third party, that both sides are satisfied with. The third party is completely impartial, and that is the Divorce Mediator. The Divorce Mediator acts as a guide to keep both parties focused on solutions and moving forward in a constructive manner.

Choose your Divorce Mediator well and you will have a healthy, productive and sometimes surprisingly collaborative divorce. Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman are proud of our firm's ability to make civil agreements out of situations that were headed for imminent disaster.

What can a Mediation Attorney do?

  • Reaching common ground: Your Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman mediator will help you and your spouse stay focused on things like leaving the divorce with mutual acceptance of the terms, a fair agreement about the children and a sense that both parties will be financially secure.
  • Direct involvement and empowerment: Your divorce mediator can aid in cooling off high stress situations, without judgment and partiality to either of the parties.
  • Informed decision making: Your mediator will inform you further about the laws regarding the terms being discussed. Due to the mediator's requirement for financial transparency, the issues of assets, liabilities and income are dealt with upfront so as to avoid any interruption in current payments (mortgages, credit card debt payments, etc.)
  • Costs contained: Mediation not only saves you taxing emotional stress but it saves a lot of money too.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Privacy is one thing that, when it comes to divorce, money cannot buy. Every mediation we do at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman is entirely private and confidential beyond the door to the room in which it occurs. Anything said in mediation by one party cannot be used against them if the mediation does not work and the case makes its way to litigation.

There is no obligation when you call us to inquire about having your divorce mediated by one of our experts. The longer you wait, the more difficult and painful divorce proceedings can become - give us a call now


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