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Buffalo, NY Divorce Attorney

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Divorce can be one of the most significant and emotionally trying experiences in a person’s life. Even if the separation is amicable and desired by both parties, it is difficult to effectively come to agreements on property and debt division, alimony, child support, child custody, and other issues. Since 1976, the legal team at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP has worked for people in Buffalo and throughout Western New York to ensure our clients get the most optimal result possible out of the divorce process.

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The Buffalo divorce lawyers at our law firm assist clients in getting through this challenging time by helping them select the best legal method of achieving their goals. This could mean representing a client in litigation — whether going to trial or negotiating a settlement of the issues between the attorneys before trial. Or it may involve advising clients to use divorce mediation or representing them in collaborative divorce. Every situation is different, and the attorneys at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP believe that a client needs to understand all of his or her options before deciding on the strategy that is best in their given circumstances.

Marital dissolution in Buffalo, NY

In order to file for divorce or dissolution of your marriage in New York, you must have grounds for divorce. Grounds for divorce is a legal concept that means that you must have a reason to divorce, although it does not need to assign fault to either party. The divorce attorneys at Pusatier Sherman Abbott & Sugarman, LLP can assist you with bringing a lawsuit based on appropriate grounds. New York has four fault-based grounds and three no-fault grounds for divorce:

Fault-based grounds for divorce

No-fault grounds for divorce

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Adultery
  • Imprisonment for three or more years
  • Abandonment for one or more years
  • Separation for one year or more pursuant to a written agreement
  • Separation for one year or more under a court decree or judgment
  • The relationship between the husband and wife has broken down irretrievably for at least six months


Although New York now allows the irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship as a no-fault ground for divorce, spouses in New York can continue to utilize separation and conversion divorce. By obtaining a separation decree from a court or entering into a separation agreement, followed by a year of separation and compliance with the agreement or decree, the court may enter a judgment of divorce.

The New York State Supreme Court will grant a divorce once grounds are proven, and the court will order the child custodial, child support, spousal maintenance, property, and debt division and other financial terms either by mandating that relief after a trial or by incorporating a signed separation or other valid settlement agreement into its final decree. As your divorce attorneys, we believe it is important that you really understand the grounds for divorce as well as the other relevant laws that apply to your case.

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