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Divorce doesn't have to be a dirty word. If you and your spouse have come to a mutual agreement to divorce and the relationship is still strong enough, a simple mediation could save you time, money and emotional drainage.

Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman have the divorce mediation services that mistakenly-matched couples all over Clarence, NY turn to for a discreet and efficient divorce. We believe that small mutual agreements are like stepping stones on the path to a dignified and respectful divorce.

Clarence, NY Divorce Mediation Clarence, NY Mediation Attorney

The True Value of a Divorce Mediation Attorney

The value of our mediation services is evident when we see families and family life preserved. When children are involved, it's one of the first things we address because we want to help both divorcing parties establish the most stable family environment for them. Divorce shouldn't be a roadblock to a healthy upbringing for the children.

How Divorce Mediation Works

A divorce is a legal negotiation where both sides are determined to get the outcome they desire. While it's not possible for both parties to get exactly what they want they can still come close if they can maintain a collected and amicable relationship while the divorce is carried out. The divorce mediation attorney we match you with will sit down with you and your spouse to discuss all options regarding children, wealth and debt. When stresses run high-and that's completely natural-she will help relieve tensions through intervention and problem solving.

The process isn't satisfied unless we have:

  • Reached a common ground
  • Empowered both parties
  • Allowed both parties to make informed decisions
  • Kept costs down
  • Kept privacy and confidentiality a priority


Mediation Attorney Privacy

A divorce held in open court can be messy and feel way too public for anyone's liking. Whereas, when you engage the services of one of our Mediation Divorce Attorneys, he will be the only one present during your process. From opening to closing, if you don't want dirty laundry to be aired then mediation should be a serious consideration.

Don't go through the stereotypical "ugly divorce". Blow-out divorces like that are expensive and emotionally taxing, especially for kids. Treat your marriage with the respect it deserves and give mediation a chance first.

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Since 1995, Clarence, NY has been handing the reigns of their divorce mediations to Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman and most, by far, have been a success. Give us a call today and set up an appointment, so we can help you better navigate through these challenging times. 


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