Prenuptial Mediation

Wedding planning is stressful enough.  Long, adversarial negotiations regarding a prenuptial agreement (also called an “ante-nuptial agreement”) only add discord to what should be a happy time.  But in many cases prenuptial agreements are necessary.  In the case of second marriages, estate planning may be the issue - many parties want to ensure that part or all of their assets go to their children rather than all to their new spouse upon their death.  In other cases the parties want to make a possible divorce less painful by working out many of the terms in advance.

In any case, two people who are about to marry should not need an adversarial atmosphere of separate lawyers haggling out a deal.  Instead, the trained mediators at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott & Sugarman, LLP can sit down with both parties and, in a neutral manner, help them come up with an agreement they both feel is fair.  The mediator will guide the parties through the process by explaining the laws regarding prenuptial agreement, divorce and estate planning.  He or she will facilitate a conversation regarding all topics that must be considered.  The mediator will also write an agreement that each party can then take to their own attorneys for review.  This process is much faster, less expensive and more cooperative than the traditional process – all valuable considerations when planning a wedding!

The mediators at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott & Sugarman, LLP want to help you start your new life together on the best foot possible.  Contact us for a free half-hour consolation to find out how we can meet your unique needs.

By Audrey Herman | Published November 10, 2015 | Posted in Divorce & Family Law | Tagged divorce, estate planning, mediation, prenuptial agreements