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Amherst, NY Family Law LawyerFor more than 40 years Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman has been providing professional, compassionate family law attorney services to our clients in Amherst, NY. We are committed to ensuring your rights are protected throughout every stage of the separation and divorce process, whether you need help negotiating a child custody agreement, are dealing with complex property division issues, or even need legal assistance to determine who gets the family pet.

Our experienced family law lawyer offers up-to-date legal advice and expert representation in a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce, including divorce litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce situations
  • Child custody, visitation and child support issues
  • Division of matrimonial property
  • Separation and annulments
  • Alimony calculations and enforcement
  • Adoption and guardianship

If you are considering divorce, or you have been served with divorce papers, you need a family law attorney on your side - even if you still have a good relationship with your spouse. This is an emotional time for everyone in your family, and your spouse may be facing pressure from his or her parents, siblings, or new partner to pressure you into making choices you may regret in the future.

About Your Family Law Lawyer

Here at Pusatier, Sherman, Abbott and Sugarman, our family law lawyer knows that no two relationships are exactly alike - that's why we take the time to understand you and your concerns. We work hard to develop creative, custom legal solutions to protect your best interests both now and in the future.

Divorce isn't just about simply dividing up all your assets - it's about making sure you leave your relationship with all of your concerns settled and a clear blueprint for your future.

Issues like child support, alimony payments, pension allotments, and outstanding debt all need to be addressed when you divorce. Our family law attorney will carefully review all matters that could affect you, and we'll work to find the most cost-effective solution to your family law issues.

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